John has been featured on television and on the news numerous times as well as appearing on online TV news programs devoted to retirement issues. His goal is always to educate, and television appearances allow him to reach more people with relevant financial information.


How much money do you need to have saved in order to retire? Many times, the “retirement number” is underestimated—or overestimated. The answer to how much money you need is: It depends. What is your situation, and what will your lifestyle be? One size does not fit all. Given interest rates lately, many people have to replace traditional investments in order to achieve the growth they need to get to and stay in retirement. You must also consider risk—your risk tolerance may be lower than you think, as many found out in 2008.


Today’s fixed indexed annuity is not your father’s annuity. This is a financial product that can help protect you from the stock market’s downside while offering an opportunity for growth on the market upside. Unlike variable annuities, FIAs are not securities products which are tied to the stock market itself; there is more volatility with VAs compared with FIAs. But as with any financial product or strategy, an annuity must be suitable for an individual’s personal situation, time horizon and retirement and legacy goals. Annuities are not one-size-fits-all.

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